What is MinervaTrading  ?
Behind Minerva Trading stands the (GM. Inc. DOO) corporation🏛, which owns a license for financial transactions🏦Minervaowns several trade cooperations📝 with merchants and traders worldwide🌍 and wants to use the Bot to give small investorsaccess to the financial world🏦🌍. Company documents📝 are also visible in the marketing area of ​​the bot🛠.

Why are our daily returns low?
MinervaTrading is not a scam👎 like many other bots🛠 who promise big profits📈 and turn out to be scams in a few days or weeks. Our daily returns are low, but really earned and understandable.
Your money is safe at MinervaTrading and it is promised that any capital💰 will be treated to the best of the knowledge and belief of a proper merchant👨💼.

1.- Download Telegram


2.- Add/fill  your unique alias (username) 

3.- Enter into bot:  Minerva_Trading Bot




Minerva Trading investment plan:
Baserate: 0,714% per day – 5% per week 📊.
Deposits from 5 Euro in all common crypto currencies are possible. After 3 to 6 blockchain confirmations, your Deposit💳 will be automatically activated and starts working for you.

Affiliate program👥
1st level 7%  (at least 500 euros as an active investment 💳)
2nd level 3%  (at least 1000 Euro as an active investment 💳)
3rd Level 2%  (at least 1500 Euro as an active investment 💳)
1st level 3%  (at least 500 Euro as an active investment 💳)
2nd level 2%  (at least 1000 Euro as active investment 💳)
3rd Level 1%  (at least 1500 Euro as an active investment 💳)

Withdraw 💼
The 1st withdraw💼 of a recent made deposit💳 is possible after 7 days. After 7 days, withdrawals are possible every day and will be transacted within 24h in Bitcoins.
You will be notified by MinervaTrading about your profits every 6 hours

Affiliate Ranks 👥
Newbie 🎽= up to 500€ team sales
Bronze🥉= from 500€ team sales
Silver🥈= from 1500€ team sales
Gold🥇= from 2500€ team sales
Platinum= from 3750€ team sales
Sapphire🔵= from 5000€ team sales
Ruby🔴= from 10.000€ team sales
Emerald= from 15.000€ team sales
Diamond💎= from 20.000€ team sales
💎Double Diamond💎= from 25.000 Euro team sales 
💎Tripple💎Diamond💎= from 35.000 Euro team sales
🏵Royal🏵Star🏵= from 50.000 Euro team sales2.2Kviews

Bonus program 🌟
For each rank, you will immediately receive a bonus🌟, which will automatically be added to your active investment 💳ATTENTION:each bonus🌟 can only be reached once and remains active for 150 days. This means that you can collect a total of 1000 euros.

Qualify for:

Bronze🥉= 5€ bonus 💵
Silver🥈= 10€ bonus 💵
Gold 🥇= 15€ bonus💵
Platinum= 25€ bonus💵
Sapphire🔵= 50€ bonus💵
Ruby🔴= 75€ bonus💵
Emerald= 100€ bonus💵
Diamond💎= 125€ bonus💵
💎Double Diamond💎= 150€ bonus 💵
💎Tripple💎Diamond💎= 195€ bonus💵
🏵Royal🏵Star🏵= 250€ bonus💵

Minerva TradingBot

The Minerva TradingBot works with the messenger service telegram.

This bot was launched as a marketing initiative of GM Inc. Capital Corporation🏛 and deals with the financial market🏦. The market of precious metals, crypto currencies, stocks and Forex combined with the bot🛠 make an attractive and simple customer experience possible.

-0,1785% every 6h📊
-0,714% per day📊
-5% weekly📊
-3 level affiliate program👥
-Up to 1000 Euro Bonus program🌟

Start now!

Minerva TradingBot

-5% weekly on your deposit📊
-Corporation🏛 with license for financial transactions🏦
-Deposit 💳 from 5 Euro in all crypto currencies
-Attractive🌟 3 level compensation plan👥
-Withdrawal´s in BTC💼

How it´s done:

-Download the telegram app
-Search @Minerva_tradingbot
-Follow instructions of the bot

The MinervaTradingBot is a marketing initiative of the GM Inc. corporation🏛 and is intended to greatly simplify the handling of the global financial market📊 for the end customer.You can also find documents of the company🏦 in the Bot🛠

Try it, check the offer and see for yourself.